Sports Photography

Types of Sports photography:

At Impressions Design, we pride ourselves on innovative photography. By offering clients something other than the “norm”, we have set ourselves apart from the rest. From game day photos to specialty posters, we offer our clients unique opportunities to capture those special sporting moments.
Game Day Photography: We will come to your player’s game and take those live action shots so that you can sit on the edge of your seat instead of watching through your lens. Let us do the work for you!
Team/Individual Photos: Each player has their vision of what they look like playing and we want their individual photos to reflect their personality. We come with pose ideas, but also listen to what the player wants. Our team photos are not your standard. At Impressions Design, we believe that your pictures should stand out. We are excited when a coach has a pose or idea that they want to replicate. Creativity is what we like to see!
Prints: You have these beautiful pictures, now, what to do with them?! We can create a memory mate for your player that has their team picture as well as their individual. A one of a kind option would be one of our sports posters. What did doesn’t want to see a poster of themselves on their wall? Our posters are printed on a foam board and are personalized with a 3 pictures of your child’s season. These posters make great gifts as well.