Case Study: Buckley’s Inspection

Buckley’s Inspection Services, a local home inspection company, recognized a need to update the look and overall user experience for their website.  Through a discovery meeting with the client, we were able to hear their concerns about their current site and define their future vision of the project.  Their old site looked and felt a bit outdated, but was easy for the owners to manage themselves, which was a high priority.  An organized, easier flow of information was a high priority for their customers to be able to easily navigate their site. One major change was the ability for their customers to request inspection services online through a form. This condensed the company’s workflow and allowed customers to provide information in writing at the initial request.

The redesign not only incorporated the workflow requests, but gave a more modern feeling, an attractive and responsive layout and categorized the information in a more user-friendly way.

The site is now search engine optimized so that they are reaching their target audience.  Now that their clients can request inspection online, the home inspection requests are streamlined and provide an valuable portal of direct communication between Buckley’s Inspections and their customers.